Saturday, August 20, 2011

Psalms of Ascent

Right now I am doing a Bible Study about the Psalms of Ascent and have had the opportunity to write some of the Psalms in my own words. The Lord loves to hear His Word prayed back to Him, and it gives me great hope to pray Scripture over the things that trouble or concern me. Here are a few prayers that I have recorded that are paraphrases of a few of the Psalms.

Psalm 124

You are faithful. You are for me. You are a fountain in the wilderness. You find me in my wandering and draw me to Your side.

When I feel as though I am drowning in the restless, roaring tide you reach out Your hand to part the waters...You whisper "Peace Be Still"..and all is well inside.

Like a bird in flight you rescue me from the prisons of darkness that overwhelm me. You raise me up to new heights and fill my mouth with songs of praise.

My help is in You, Oh Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth. I will praise You all of my days...

Psalm 129

There will always be those who oppose us, attack us and oppress us. I praise You for Your power to triumph over the enemies of my soul. Victory alone is with You. Judgment alone lies with You. Even though my back lies deep with footprints trampled by the enemy, You have strenghtened me and have allowed me to stand firm because of Your mighty power.
You will continue to be the Ancient of Days, The Keeper of evvery wrong done to me and I rejoice that I do not have to engage in mortal combat for every injustice and evil deed. You have it under control. Your righteous right hand will hold back the enemy from my destruction and I can rest in the shadow of Your wings. Blessing and honor await me as I see Your face. Hide me Lord in the shelter of your abundant love.

Psalm 130

Out of the depths I cry out to You, oh Lord. Incline Your ear to me. You are the righteous judge. If you were to keep a record of sin, none could stand in Your presence. But You are a fountain of forgiveness, overflowing from the depths of Your unfailing love. Your mercy and compassion have no end. Therefore, I will wait for You and watch for the sunrise as it peaks over a dark horizon. Then I will see Your goodness and the display of Your faithful, abiding love and full redemption of every hurt, loss and disappointment that has come my way. Your abundant redemption restores my soul.

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